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The Hands That Bind

October 2nd, 2014

The Hands That Bind

War damage. Itís inevitable. The wounded come back and need care. Some injured warriors are more fortunate than others. Some have caregivers that do not give up on them. These caregivers give everything they have, and more, to their soldier. They are an undeniably deep well of love, compassion, commitment and strength.

The hands creating the pottery in this series of photographs is that of a caregiver of a wounded warrior. Not just any caregiverís hands but that of a sister. A sister, who has cared for this brother deeply for many years, having adopted him as a young teen, then sees him off to war and wraps her heart and arms around him when he returns injured.

When you are with them it doesnít take long to realize that this injured soldierís healing, is what it is, through the determined, caring hands of his sister. Just as she moves the clay from a lumpy clump to a strong pot so she does with her brother and the wounds he sustained over there.

As you watch her confidently spinning and guiding the mass of clay you just know she is the reason he is doing so well, that she never gave up on him, that she doesnít hover but doesnít stray too far either. You just know her strong and caring hands have guided him from devastation to recovery.

A unique piece of pottery is bound by a number of elements yet the most important is the way the hands work the clay. The hands take the energy of the heart and create the irreplaceable.